Apple Cider Bombs

If you look forward to days when the weather gets a bit colder and you can enjoy a warm cup of fresh apple cider, give these Apple Cider Bombs a try.

What Are Apple Cider Bombs?

Apple Cider Bombs are a flavorful treat you can add to a cup of hot water to prepare easy and delicious apple cider with a slight touch of white chocolate and caramel in the mix.


– Salted caramel candy melt – Apple cider instant drink mix – White candy melts 

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Start by placing your ceramic dinner plate in the freezer to get cold while you begin melting your salted caramel candy melts.

How to Make Apple Cider Bombs

Step 1

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Use a spoon to add melted caramel candy to the cavity of each mold, coating the sides with the spoon before placing in the freezer for five minutes.

Step 2

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Remove from the freezer, repeat the second step to add an additional layer of caramel, and put the mold back in the freezer for another five minutes.

Step 3


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