A Disney World Annual Pass: Is It Worth It?

You may have thought about investing in the Disney World Annual Pass. Becoming a passholder gives you the opportunity to explore the area and enjoy the magic of Disney throughout the year.

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However, before you decide to buy this pass, be sure to know what it can get you and what you can do with it.

We recently became Annual Passholders at Disney World! We contemplated the decision for awhile. Here’s how we came to the decision to buy Disney Incredi-Passes for our family.

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Look at the Options Available

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When you’re thinking about buying the Disney World annual pass, you have a few good options. You can choose from the most affordable pass to the most extravagant pass.

You Can Add Some Extras to Your Pass for More Fun

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No matter which Disney World annual pass you select, you can pay to have add-ons included into the pass for your convenience and fun. 

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Pro Tip: You don’t have to purchase Disney PhotoPass with all of your passes. Simply add it onto one, add that to the cart and then go ‘back’ and add your other passes without us.