Ways to Use Left Over Halloween Candy


Halloween is right around the corner! We all know that with Halloween comes a TON of leftover candy.

Donate: Donating candy is one way to recycle the leftover candy. Whether you donate it to a local women’s shelter or another program, donating your candy is a sure way to help others.

Halloween Trifle

Cute and delicious! Perfect for your leftover candy

Candy Bar Cake

Perfect for a potluck dinner or for a game night dessert!

Halloween Candy Brownies

How adorable are these? Your little ones would love helping you to create a delicious ‘brownie concoction’!

Saltine Cracker Toffee

Not only is this a perfect holiday treat to make for family and friends, it’s also a perfect way to use your leftover Halloween candy!

Halloween Mousse

Other Recipes

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