5 Ways to Stay Motivated As a Work At Home Mom

Staying motivated to work at home is difficult. Add kids into the mix and it can be really difficult to find your motivation! Here are my tips for how to stay motivated as a work at home mom!

1. Go To Bed

"This is the number one thing I struggle with."

"being exhausted isn’t good for anyone, especially when I need to be focused. "

2. Remember Your “Why”

"When I remember to focus on my ‘why’, it’s easier to unplug and spend time with my family. Remembering my ‘why’ helps me to prioritize and stay motivated. "

3. Be Easy On Yourself

"I’ve learned that allowing myself to rest, have some downtime, take some time to myself or ‘have an off day’ is key to being productive overall. "

4. Eat Healthy

"I’m learning to see food as fuel for my body and that is helping me to stay healthier and more motivated. "

5. Find Motivation Online

From motivational quotes on Pinterest to songs from Beyonce and other powerful women, there is a ton of motivation to be found online. Podcasts, books, Facebook groups, you name it…it’s there!