5 Family Friendly Ideas For St. Augustine Beach

Are you traveling to St. Augustine Beach with your children in the coming weeks? If so, here are 5 Family Friendly activities for you to do!

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It’s a top-rated, affordable donut shop situated on Beach Boulevard and best-known for serving some of the most impressively delicious donuts around.

#1. Take a Trip to Island Donut

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You can pack a picnic basket full of sandwiches, snacks, and drinks, with plenty of sunscreen, towels, and toys for playing on the sand and hanging out in the sun.

#2. Head to the Beach

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If you’ve always wanted to experience what it’s like to swim with dolphins, this is the opportunity to do so.

#3. Swim with Dolphin

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When you stop by here, you can grab smoothies, coffees, pastries, and even a beer for yourself while hanging around feline friends that are looking to get adopted.

#4. Check Out the Frisky Cat Cafe


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