5 Easy and Fun Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Now that we are getting geared up for Valentine’s Day, it’s time to start thinking about and planning fun activities for your little ones.

This year will be our little one’s second Valentine’s Day and I am excited to do some fun crafts and activities with him.

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These are perfect for the older kids who want to give Valentines out, but want something different and fun for their friends. 

1. Valentine’s Day Poppers

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I love anything that can capture my little one’s hand print. There is just something special about seeing how much he grows each year.

2. Easy Valentine’s Day Craft For Toddlers

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These are an adorable way to add a personal touch to your kids’ Valentines and to let them have a hand in creating them-without all of the mess and fuss!

3. Dump Truck Valentines

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4. Monkey Valentines

Ok, these may not be a ‘craft’, but they are super cute and perfect for your little ones!

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5. “You Light Up My Life” Valentine’s Printable 

These are such a fun idea for kids who want to do something different than candy but still want to be involved in a craft.