25 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids Under 7

Do you need some stocking stuffer ideas for children under the age of seven? 

There are so many great options to choose from, making it that much easier for you to find the perfect Christmas gift to give to your little ones.

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The Disney Doorables are mini figurines of Disney characters from different movies and films. They’re fun to play with and can conveniently fit into a child’s Christmas stocking.

1. Disney Doorables

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If your child under seven loves the Space Jam movie, you can expect them to love these Space Jam Mini Figures.

2. Space Jam Mini Figure

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You can encourage your little one to get creative while making different objects from the clay.

3. Play-Doh Modeling Clay

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You can give these Push Pop Bubble Wristbands as a stocking stuffer.

4. Push Pop Bubble Wristband

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It’s such an affordable and nostalgic gift to give! You can even show your children how to use it on the staircase.

5. The Original Slinky

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These incredible sensory toys are so simple yet they can keep children entertained for hours.

6. Pop Tube Sensory Toy