25 Box Cake Mix With Pudding Recipes

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Have you ever made a delicious dessert with box cake and pudding mix? It’s a delicious combination that will have you baking in a whole new way. These easy recipes range from chocolate and fruit to pumpkin, eggnog, and more.

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1. Chocolate Box Mix Cake 

You can make this box cake with pudding into cake or cupcakes because it’s so easy. Make sure you have a lot of frosting if you make it into a layer dessert.

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2. Chocolate Poke Dessert 

This decadent and moist Death By Chocolate Poke Cake recipe is a breeze to make using a devil’s food cake mix and filling it with rich chocolatey pudding before topping it with homemade chocolate whipped topping. 

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3. Oreo Cookies & Cream 

You will love this Chocolate Oreo Cake Recipe! It's a moist chocolate cake covered in vanilla buttercream and chocolate crumbles!

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4. Ultimate Chocolate Bundt 

The ultimate chocolate bundt cake is easy to assemble by adding the ingredients to the bowl of a stand mixer! But you can always whisk it by hand too. This dessert is extra moist too so make sure it’s very cold when you frost it. 

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5. Chocolate Rum Cake 

It’s easy to make this box cake with pudding using a few pantry staples from the grocery store. 

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6. Hot Fudge Cake 

Make this hot fudge cake for all the chocolate lovers in your life. The author recommends using Duncan Hines cake mix.

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