15 Winter Activities for Toddlers

Keeping your toddlers busy is easier than you might think. Sometimes you just need a list to help make sure you have the RIGHT activities. 

Toddlers can keep their parents super busy. It’s time that the tables are turned and the parents have a way to keep the toddlers active. 

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This is perhaps the most fun thing you can do with a toddler indoors during the winter months.

1. Building a fort 

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If you have toddlers who like to stay busy, then building them an obstacle course is a good idea. 

2. Obstacle course

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Toddlers can actually help with baking, you just have to be patient and give them lots of directions.

3. Make cookies together

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4. Play in the snow

Get bundled up and go outside and play in the snow with your toddler, they will love it! 

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5. Look at the weather each day

Create a routine with your toddler by looking at the weather each day. Ask them what they think the weather is going to do that day.