10 Things I Keep In My Pantry

In my apartment, we don’t have a pantry. We have one small cabinet with three shelves to store our food. I have been known to keep grocery bags of dry goods in my dining room so I can create my stockpile

Currently, there are 9 bags of chips in case you were curious. While I may not have very much space to store food, you can bet I’ll cram every nook available. 

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There are a few things I will always have on hand no matter how little space I have, here are some things that are always in my “pantry”.

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This past month, I bought 10 boxes of macaroni and cheese (yes we got the shapes). Occasionally, Harris Teeter will do a 10 for $10 sale for Kraft macaroni and cheese, and I will stock up.

Kraft macaroni and cheese

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Pasta is an easy go-to meal that requires little effort and lasts a long time if it’s kept dry. Since I don’t eat meat, this becomes a staple in many of our dishes.


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These can be used to make wraps and quesadillas, which are made frequently for lunches around here. Since tortillas don’t last forever, I only buy them as needed rather than stockpiling.

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There is never a shortage of tortilla chips, Doritos, or some other chip in this house. We use tortilla chips as a side to Mexican dishes, or as a snack.

Chips and salsa