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We Cut The Cable, and You Should Too

If you have ever read any post about how to cut costs or lower your bills, you can rest assured, you have been told to cut the cable. A little over a year ago, I was you. I was reading those posts thinking…‘anything but the cable!’. I am an HGTV lover and my hubby loves his football games. Most days we would come home from work and relax by watching a couple of hours of TV. [Tweet theme=”tweet-box-normal-blue”]When we started thinking about having a baby, we knew that we had to make some adjustments to our budget. [/Tweet]

We had to start by cutting back on expenses.

We negotiated monthly bills.

We cut back on eating out.

We found ways to cook for less at home.

All of these added up to a decent amount of monthly savings, but one bill that kept nagging at me was our cable bill.

Our cable bill was over $100 a month. Honestly, that’s on the low end of what some cable bills run. I still just couldn’t justify spending that much money a month when we could be putting it into savings, or spending it on baby necessities once we became parents. 

So, we did it. We cut the cable. 


And honestly…we haven’t looked back since. Sure, there are times that we wish we had cable. Big football games, the newest episode of “Fixer Upper”, sometimes I wish I could turn the TV on and have the newest episodes of certain things.


[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-normal-blue”]I am convinced, cutting the cable has been a blessing to our family. [/Tweet]

We spend more time together.

We have saved money.

We are more present and find other ways to occupy our time instead of ‘parking’ in front of the TV, just because it’s convenient.

Even though we no longer have cable, we have found other ways to watch TV. There are a few shows that we like to watch, and we like to watch older movies, also. Even though we pay a small fee a month to subscribe to Netflix and Hulu, we have saved over $75 per month by cutting the cable. 

First, we purchased a streaming device. We personally have a Roku, but I have heard amazing things about the Amazon Fire SticksThey are on sale right now through Amazon for $49.99. We were paying over $20 a month for equipment when we had cable. Since we cut the cable and purchased our streaming devices up front, the money we have saved in equipment has been huge!

Secondly, through trial and error, we found several streaming programs that have worked very well for us.

Amazon Video -We are Amazon Prime members, and with that membership we get a lot of TV shows and movies available for free streaming. However, they are also offering a free trial currently to add Showtime, Starz and several other networks to your subscription.

Netflix- We LOVE Netflix! They have so many older and newer shows and movies. They also have a lot of family friendly programming, so we don’t have to worry about what we are watching. We pay around $10 a month for Netflix and you can sign up for a free trial for your first month.

Hulu- Hulu is our other “go to” streaming program. You can stream newer episodes of shows through Hulu. Hulu also has a selection of movies available. We pay $7.99 a month for Hulu, they do have an $11.99 a month package available which removes commercials/ads. Right now, Hulu is offering a free 1-week trial.

Have you cut the cable? Are you considering it? We highly recommend it for several reasons! 

we cut the cable...and you should too!


Sunday 24th of July 2016

We live a rural town, I was wondering what you do for Internet service ? Also can't you watch TV shows from HGTV via the computer ? Our smart tv will connect to the Internet and you can watch TV shows straight from the shows website.

Loving Living Lancaster

Thursday 28th of July 2016

We have internet through our local power provider. I think that Verizon also provides internet services for rural towns. I am not sure about watching HGTV via the computer~that is a great idea though!!


Monday 27th of June 2016

Yes, cable definitely takes a huge bite out of a family budget. We've been without it for about 10 years! One of the best and (in hindsight) easiest financial cut-backs we've ever made.

Loving Living Lancaster

Monday 27th of June 2016

you are so right! It's amazing the things that feel like a 'sacrifice' that are really just small things looking back.

Tennille @ Two Kids And A Budget

Sunday 26th of June 2016

We cut our cable two years ago and it was one of the best decisions we ever made!

Jennifer DeFrates/Heaven Not Harvard

Saturday 25th of June 2016

I toy with cutting our cable, but we have a bundled service with our internet and the only shows we really enjoy as a family are cooking shows and nature/outdoor network kinds of things. I'd have to see if we can still get those on a streaming service. But I would like $200 a month back for sure!

Justine Y @ Little Dove

Saturday 25th of June 2016

We cut the cable in the summer of 2010. At first I really missed my HGTV, TLC, and Food Network shows, but I don't even miss them anymore! In fact, we just cut our Netflix too. I have a free 3 year trial to Hulu Plus, and we're Amazon Prime members, so I can't see us getting cable again anytime soon! Although my hubby would love all his sports. :)