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Tips for Pumping On The Go

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Today, we’re talking pumping on the go. With Levi, I never really pumped that much on the go. My supply was so low with him, I could go hours at a time without being engorged and honestly, the hassle of dragging pumping supplies along with me just wasn’t worth it for the small amount of milk I would get. Now that my supply is better with Rebecca, I’ve had to learn how to pump on the go. As a work at home mom, I don’t ‘go’ that much, but we all know that it does a momma good to get out of the house sometimes.

We also know that breastfeeding moms live our lives in 2-3 hour increments. If we aren’t near our baby during that time, we need to pump to prevent engorgement (and clogged ducts and mastitis), and also to keep our supply up. That being said, pumping on the go isn’t always easy. The first time I tried to pump on the go, I forgot a bottle to pump into. Yep. Now that I’ve become a ‘pro’ at pumping on the go, here are my favorite tips for you.

Make a Plan

I know that not all outings are predictable, but try to make a plan as much as possible. For example, I went to get a massage the other evening and knew that I would be gone longer than 3 hours. When I parked to go into the massage, I specifically picked a discreet parking place so that I could pump in the car after my massage. I know that some people aren’t really concerned with where they pump, but I’m more comfortable and relaxed if people aren’t walking by my car and giving me weird looks.

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Do A Trial Run

That story about pumping on the go and me forgetting a bottle to pump into, I could have avoided it if I had done a trial run first. Between exhaustion and mommy brain, it’s easy to forget something when trying to get ready to head out the door in a hurry. Doing a trial run with everything that you need for pumping on the go is a huge key to success. Pack your ‘pumping bag’, then pull everything out and set it up so that you are ready to pump. Make sure that you have the bottles, cooler packs (if you’re going to be out in the heat and/or longer than 4-6 hours), a lid for the bottle after pumping, etc.

Keep Your Supplies Ready 

In addition to the above, I try to keep a pumping bag ready to grab if I am heading out the door. This bag includes things like: snacks, all of my pump parts (purchasing an extra set for this purpose is a life saver!), a small cooler bag and hand sanitizer (make sure to clean your hands really good before pumping out in public!).

Tips for Pumping On The Go

A Portable Pump Is a MUST

Personally, I love the Motif Duo! It fits perfectly in my bag, is rechargeable, quiet and has 10 expression & massage levels. Not only does it fit easily in my bag, but it’s super lightweight which is great since we already drag around so much baby gear! When the Motif arrived, it arrived in a lightweight box without a ton of paperwork and instructions to sort through. I loved this! Of course, you can go to their website to download the product manual, but the two papers they sent with the pump were simple and straightforward with the necessary information I needed.

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One thing that I did notice with the Motif Duo was that the suction doesn’t seem as strong as with my other pump, but I do get the same amount of milk as with my other pump. I consider this a positive! I was concerned with the lower suction at first, but getting the same amount of milk without the stronger suction (and sometimes sore nipples), is a huge plus!

Overall, I am highly impressed with the Motif Duo and love how easy it is to operate, as well as how portable it is!

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