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The Best SUV of 2017: Toyota Highlander

Sponsored PostOver the holidays, I was given the chance to drive a 2017 Toyota Highlander. I had driven a Highlander before, but it has been a long time, so I was excited to get behind the wheel of another fun and family friendly Toyota vehicle!

IMG 8772

As soon as the Highlander arrived, I fell in love. Pearl white with a sleek exterior, the Highlander certainly turns heads. As a matter of fact, while I had it, I received several compliments on how pretty it is! The Highlander is not only beautiful on the outside, but the interior is gorgeous and roomy. Perfect for a family!

IMG 8773 e1515613879173

Personally, a few of my favorite features are: heated seats (perfect for this cold spell we’ve been having), the build in sun shades on the rear windows (all moms will understand this!), and of course all of the safety features. As a mom of (soon to be two) safety is my number one priority when selecting a vehicle. I want to feel like my family is safe since we spend a good amount of time on the road. Toyota raises the bar with their safety features in the Highlander.


I also loved that the Highlander was All Wheel Drive. We get a decent amount of snow and ice each year, so this is a ‘must’ when I’m selecting a vehicle.

IMG 8785

I am highly impressed with the Toyota Highlander, it was for sure my favorite SUV of 2017. I can’t wait to see what new features they come out with in 2018!

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