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Storage Solutions For Your Master Bedroom

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Does anyone else struggle with storage (or lack of) in their master bedroom? We have had this issue since we’ve moved into our home, and as we’ve accumulated more and more “stuff”, it has only gotten worse. Josh is an avid reader and we are honestly running out of space for his books. He also has a huge collection of turkey calls (haha yes…turkey calls), that are expensive and that we need to store in a safe place. I have looked high and low for a storage solution for our master bedroom, but haven’t been able to find one…until now!


How gorgeous is this storage cabinet from Ameriwood? It is perfect for books, decor and more! I love that you can leave the door open for a gorgeous display piece, or you can close it if you want to hide your stuff quickly if guests are coming over (I can’t be the only one that does this, right?!).

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A few other of my favorite storage solutions and ideas for your master bedroom:

  • Storage Bench: We have one of these at the end of our bed, it’s perfect for storing decorative pillows, out of season clothing and more! It’s a beautiful piece but it’s functional.
  • Downsize: I know, we all want to keep allthethings, but this contributes to the storage issue. If you declutter and get rid of items that you don’t need, it will help with the storage issue!

What are your favorite tips and products for solving a lack of storage in your master bedroom?