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Selecting the Perfect Timepiece for Father’s Day

This is a sponsored guest post from Tivol. 

Father’s Day is the ultimate occasion to show your father that you care, and a carefully chosen timepiece is an elegant and thoughtful gift with which to show your appreciation for all that they do and have done  for you. Choosing the right watch is, of course, important – you don’t want your gift to remain unused in a drawer after Father’s Day by choosing the wrong type or style for your father’s tastes. Even worse, they may feel obliged to wear a timepiece they’re not particularly fond of just because it was given to them as a present.

Think about the type of person your father is before considering the price or brand name of your timepiece purchase. Their personality should be the initial guide to choosing a type of watch perfect for them.

Watches for the DIY Dad

Practicality trumps jewels when it comes to the DIY dad – he wants his watch to be a tool that doesn’t get in the way and can take  a beating when the sparks fly. Choosing a tough watch that’s built with extra-strong glass is the right way to go. Comfortable rubber straps will ensure the watch can be worn day and night as your dad tinkers away in his shed, garage, or mancave.

Watches for the Travelling Dad

If you’re dad’s always on the go, consider a watch that shows the current time in multiple time zones. A GMT watch does the trick. If he’s an old-world traveler consider a traditional design.

Watches come with a quartz or automatic movement. Watches under $1,000 are typically quartz and are paired with a battery. It’s only luxury men’s timepieces from brands such as OMEGA and Longines that will come with an automatic movement. It’s a mark of craftsmanship and true value, and a watch with an automatic movement will last for generations.

Watches for the Sports-Mad Dad

For an outdoorsman who is just as at home playing cricket as he is on the football field, a sports watch is the right choice. Things to watch out for include an accurate chronograph and a watch that is waterproof. Consider a diving watch if your father is an avid swimmer.

Watches are generally water resistant to 30 meters, and more pricey models will be guaranteed to go to 300 meters. True luxury diving watches are rated to 600 meters, but at their price, it probably doesn’t make much sense to test that.

A comfortable strap is also key, so he can keep wearing the watch even if he’s out on the field getting sweaty. Leather or crocodile straps should be reserved for more dressy watches; stainless steel, rubber, or plastic straps work better for sports watches.

Shinola Runwell Chronograph

Watches for the Techy Dad

If your dad spends more time in front of the computer than he does down at the pub, then he’s spoilt for choice when it comes to watches. The explosion of smartwatches has set the watch world alight as watch technology has come forward in leaps and bounds. Consider the basic tech features of the watch you plan to buy, such as a thermometer, altimeter, and compass, but realize the power of smart watches now comes from their connectivity. Being able to pair the smartwatch to his Android or iOS phone will be the most important feature for a techy dad, as it opens up a world of new possibilities such as message alerts, voice calls, and even interaction with his house or car.

Watches for the Trendy Dad

If your father keeps up with the latest fashion trends then he’s sure to want a watch that complements his various styles. Consider how he dresses and the type of watch that would complement his outfits. For a dapper dad that hasn’t work a pair of jeans for decades, a vintage leather strap watch with a guilloche dial is a good buy. Choose one with a mechanism that’s built to last – just like him.


Consider that a gold watch matches best with earth tones and is best worn at night. Stainless steel straps are better worn during the day and match with grays, silvers, and black. Digital watches are for casual wear and shouldn’t be matched with business attire.

Swiss movement is always a winner, ensuring a lifetime of quality and precision and speaks to the refinement of your gentlemanly dad. Swiss watches are like Italian shoes – quality through and through – and offering your father a Swiss watch buys into tradition and history.

With a Father’s Day gift of a timepiece, tradition and history are really what it’s all about.

Guest Post Written by: 

Brandon Davis, Outreach Relations Manager