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Family Time Well Spent at Bonefish Grill

This post is sponsored by Bonefish Grill. As always, all thoughts, opinions and words are my own. 

This summer we haven’t had a family vacation. I know, sad. Honestly, our little one doesn’t travel very well at his age and between that an my husband’s work schedule, we just haven’t had the time to plan a family vacation. Instead, we are opting for more “staycation” experiences near home that we can enjoy together as a family. Dining out is included in that list of “staycation” ideas! Recently, we had the opportunity to try a new restaurant: Bonefish Grill. We live about 20 minutes from the nearest Bonefish, but I’m sad to say I’ve gone all these years without experiencing this delightful restaurant! Before we had kids, we didn’t really take into consideration how family friendly a restaurant is. Now, it’s the first thing on my list, followed by delicious and high quality food. When we decided to eat at Bonefish, I admit that I was a bit skeptical after reading the menu. High quality, mouth watering food and a beautiful atmosphere aren’t always “kid friendly”.

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I am so happy that we took a chance and headed to Bonefish anyways! I was very wrong when I thought that a restaurant offering the quality that Bonefish offers might not be family friendly, it was the exact opposite. First, they offer reservations: a dream come true for parents. We all know it’s a gamble to go out to dinner and wait for your name to be called when you have kids, but having a reservation is a great solution to that- we walked right in and were seated by the friendliest hostess! There are very few restaurants locally that accept reservations, so this automatically put Bonefish at the top of our list for dining options. The atmosphere was unique: perfect for a romantic date night or girls’ night out, but also accommodating to families. That’s a delicate balance and one that Bonefish perfects!

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As soon as we were seated, our server greeted us and he was full of knowledge about the menu. When I try a new restaurant, I want the server to be honest with me. If I ask “what’s good”, don’t say “everything”, I want specifics. I want to know what they’ve tried and what they recommend. I want honesty. Our server gave us just that, and I was highly impressed with his knowledge of the menu.

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My husband ordered salmon but he wasn’t sure what sauce he wanted on the salmon and the server recommended the perfect sauce! I ordered the crab cakes as an appetizer and a filet mignon as my entree. Heaven on a plate. The crab cakes were out of this world! The filet was one of the most tender steaks I have ever eaten and the flavor-ohmygosh. We ordered mac and cheese for our little one and even that was amazing! The spiral mac and cheese and french fries were a hit with our picky eater, he even ate most of daddy’s fries, too.

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I am highly impressed with Bonefish grill, it will certainly be at the top of our list next time we dine out. The service was top notch- something that is very important to us when dining out, the food was impeccable and the atmosphere was perfect for any occasion- even dining out as a family! Their new seasonal menu and dining duos are all the more reason to head to your local Bonefish grill and enjoy a wonderful dining experience!

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