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How to Create The Perfect Night In: Busy Mom’s Edition

This post is sponsored by Duncan Hines. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Life is busy, especially when you’re a mom. As a work at home mom with a 16 month old, life feels crazy sometimes! When I became a mom, I learned quickly that nights out would be few and far between. I love spending time with my little one and husband, and honestly- most evenings I am too exhausted to want to head out somewhere. I’ve quickly learned though, that I need to take care of myself, which is why I try to have a ‘night in’ at least once a week and spend some time relaxing and recharging. Having the perfect night in doesn’t have to consist of spending a ton of time or money getting ready and preparing treats for yourself, which is why I’m sharing some of my favorite tips to have the perfect night in with you today! DSC 3788

DIY Pedicure/Manicure.

Gather a fun nail color and give yourself a mani/pedi. A few of my favorite tips for a DIY mani/pedi are:

  • Create a relaxing foot soak using 1 cup of Epsom salts, 2-3 drops of lavender oil, 1-2 drops of peppermint oil and 1 gallon of water in a large container. Mix together and soak your feet for a refreshing and smoothing foot soak.
  • Coconut oil is great for moisturizing cuticles and your heels.
  • Not great at painting your nails? If you get a little polish on your fingers or cuticles, dip a Q-tip in nail polish remover and run around your nail for a clean look

Create a Sound Barrier.

It can be difficult to relax at home when your kids are there. As moms, we are hardwired to run to them when they need something. Ask your husband, a family member or friend to take them to a separate area of the house while you take a shower or bath and relax. Turn on some relaxing music- for me that means ‘beach sounds’, for you, that may mean the Backstreet Boys and turn it up. Blocking out the noise in the house helps me to relax.

Use disposables.

Having a relaxing night in is difficult when the sink is piled full of dishes. When I know that I am planning a night in for myself, we use paper plates and plastic cups. This is a ‘treat’ for us since we don’t often us disposables (they’re expensive and not friendly for the environment). However, knowing that we can simply throw the dishes out instead of having to wash them helps me to get a jump start on my night in!

Eat a Treat.

Indulge in a delicious treat! Personally, I LOVE a warm slice of cake. However, I don’t love all of the prep, time and mess that comes with baking a cake. That’s where Duncan Hines Perfect Size for 1 comes to the rescue. These are a dream come true for busy moms! All you do is open up a pouch of the cake mix and add the liquid of your choice (I used milk for my Blueberry Muffin Cake and it was delicious!), then in just about a minute, you have a warm treat whenever you want it. How perfect is that? Pretty perfect for a night in if you ask me!

IMG 4148

I added some freeze-dried berries to the top of my cake and they were delicious! You could also add nuts, chocolate chips or even coconut!

IMG 4154

IMG 4157

IMG 4146

What’s your idea of a perfect night in?

How to Create The Perfect Night In: Busy Mom's Edition #ad #PerfectSizeFor1

Oyinkan Ogunleye

Tuesday 16th of May 2017

I think the perfect movie concludes a great night in! & wine of course!

Loving Living Lancaster

Tuesday 16th of May 2017

So true, I love a good movie night with wine!

Lacey Anne Douthat

Thursday 4th of May 2017

Couldn't agree more! Treat yoself! Those pedis can make a world of difference in your week!



Loving Living Lancaster

Thursday 4th of May 2017

I totally agree!

Summer @ Coffee With Summer

Tuesday 2nd of May 2017

Those looks so so good! Yum!!

Loving Living Lancaster

Tuesday 2nd of May 2017

They're delicious!


Tuesday 2nd of May 2017

First off, i LOVE that mug! So cute!! And I have never seen the single serve mixes, but need them in my life!

Loving Living Lancaster

Tuesday 2nd of May 2017

Isn't it? It's one of my favorite! And yes- the mixes are AMAZING!

Victoria Schneider

Tuesday 2nd of May 2017

YUM! love a good night in. Heck, thats most of my nights. But it really is the best to be curled up at home:) Especially when you are a mom. Victoria

Loving Living Lancaster

Tuesday 2nd of May 2017

Same here!