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Birthday Gift Ideas for Guys + Free Printable

My hubby’s 25th birthday was last week! I am so excited to share some birthday gift ideas with you for the guy in your life. [Tweet theme=”tweet-box-normal-blue”]I tend to struggle with birthday gift ideas for the guy in my life. @lovinglivinglancaster[/Tweet] I feel like they are the type that go out and purchase something if they want it. When it was time to start shopping for my hubby’s birthday gifts, I decided to select gifts that were frugal and practical.

Best Birthday Gifts For the Guy In Your Life:

” target=”_blank”>Assorted Gift Basket– I put together some of my husband’s favorite things–” target=”_blank”>sunflower seeds, beef jerky, an energy drink, candy, his favorite car air freshener, chips, salsa, etc. Little things that he may buy for himself every now and then, but things that he really likes. He loved it! All of his favorite things in one place. This is a great idea for any guy in your life-you can make the gift basket as large or small as you like. Most dollar or discount stores carry these items, so putting a basket like this together is relatively inexpensive. I also added the cute printable at the end of this post to his gift basket. You can print one for the guy (or anyone) in your life as an addition to their gift!

Hat-My husband works outside most of the day, so he wears hats a lot. They tend to get dirty and grungy fast, so he can always use a new hat.


KnifeThis is another tool he can use while working. While I did get him a knife that he has been wanting to collect, and he probably won’t use it, a knife is always a practical and frugal gift for most guys.

BooksMy husband reads A LOT. He is always asking for a new book that he would like to read. This year, I decided to purchase a book for him that was for leisure reading. He reads a lot for school and educational purposes, so I purchased a book for him that was about fishing (which he loves).

My husband said he had a great birthday this year. He isn’t a fan of extravagant gifts, but he loved his gifts from this year and he said he felt like a lot of thought was put into them. [Tweet theme=”tweet-box-normal-blue”]Frugal, practical gifts are great for the guy in your life! @lovinglivinglancaster[/Tweet]

Birthday gift ideas for guys

Don’t forget to grab your free printable!

Favorite Things Free Birthday Printable

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Frugal and Practical Gifts for the guy in your life



Lauren @ Sew You Think You Can Cook

Friday 5th of August 2016

How great. Guys are indeed so hard to buy for. Looks like he had special day.