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Basement Remodel For Under $3,000

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When I found out I was pregnant with baby #2, one of the first things I thought about was “where will we put baby #2?”. Yikes! We have 3 bedrooms on the main level of our house, the master, Levi’s room and the third is currently my office. However, now that baby is on the way…momma is being kicked out of her office. Since I do work from home, I have to have some sort of an office space. So, I started brainstorming about ways that we could remodel our basement and make it work as both an office and a play room.

We purchased our home back in early 2013 and the basement has always been my ‘pet peeve’. We tried to turn it into a living area when we first moved in, but we just didn’t use it that much. Eventually, it turned into a place where the dogs sleep and a storage area. The first part of our remodel was to clear out the clutter. We spent a few days getting rid of the ‘junk’ and moving the rest of the items into storage in our garage. We also got rid of the furniture. Yes…all of it. The love seat and recliner were Craigslist finds and didn’t match. Not to mention, they were worn and disgusting. I’m almost ashamed to show you the photos below of our “before”.

IMG 7898

IMG 8049

The next step, was the biggest part of our remodel: new carpet. The people that owned the home before we did had cats and they had made horrible messes on the carpet in the basement. I knew that we had to put in new carpet/flooring before we could proceed with any other part of the remodel. Levi and I headed to our nearest Lowe’s to look at colors and various flooring selections. I wasn’t 100% sure that I wanted to put more carpet in, but after speaking to the sales associate we decided that it was probably the safest option for a toddler and baby to play on, as well as the option that fit best within our budget. I selected a few color and brand options, then scheduled an in home estimate appointment.

Within a few days, the estimator came out and we were given an estimate over the phone for the various options we selected. Josh and I talked a bit, decided on a color and I went to our local Lowe’s to pay for the carpet and installation. Within a week, our new carpet was installed! The installers were friendly, professional and quick! They were able to re-do the entire basement and stair flooring in a day.

IMG 8119

IMG 8126

The peace of mind of knowing that Lowe’s stands behind our carpet installation and materials is worth so much to our family. We didn’t have to deal with multiple contractors or a ton of ‘random people’ in our house. Not to mention, the selection and purchase process was easy and ‘busy mom friendly’! I highly recommend heading to your nearest Lowe’s store if you are considering new flooring of any type for your home!

IMG 8133

After our carpet was installed, we were ready to complete the remodel! The finishing touches were new furniture, moving the majority of Levi’s toys and books downstairs, as well as a new desk/office area for me. We also installed a ‘room divider’ baby gate that goes across the entire room so that Levi can safely play in his area.

IMG 4690

IMG 4691

IMG 4697

IMG 8176


Jennifer Hamra

Thursday 11th of January 2018

I love it!! I love how you put your office space with the gate in front to keep your children safe in the living room area. I, too, have my office space connected to my kids' play area. I need to get a gate put up so they can stop messing with my computer and office supplies. Lol

Allison Lancaster

Thursday 11th of January 2018

Thank you so much! yes- the gate has been a life saver! I can 'supervise' and interact with him but he isn't pulling my monitors off of my desk haha!