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A Lot Can Happen In A Year

A lot can happen in a year.

I keep repeating that phrase to myself over and over these days.

A LOT can happen in a year.

This time last year?

I was V-E-R-Y pregnant with our girl.

I had just been told that instead of a c-section at 39 weeks, our girl would arrive at 37 weeks.

I had just been told I had preeclampsia and it was getting worse by the day.

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I spent every other day in the doctor’s office having NST’s done. Holding my breath each time, praying she would stay safe until her birthday.

I had steroid shots to help her lungs grow and was assured there was a 1% chance she would end up in the NICU like our firstborn had.

Then…she arrived. She cried a big, beautiful cry. Then, they realized something was wrong.

Her lungs had basically popped when she took her first breath, and that left her with multiple holes in them.

One of her lungs was almost completely collapsed.

IMG 0383

The other was putting pressure on her heart because of the air leaking out of it that was filling her chest.

By the grace of God, and a NICU stay, she overcame the odds and fully recovered.

DSC 3178 Copy1

A lot can happen in a year.

A year ago, my husband was working everyday until he was exhausted and physically in pain for a job that he loved.

My business was growing by leaps and bounds and I was praying I could juggle it all with a new baby in the house.

Now, my husband is home with us full-time. We are both full-time parents and business owners.

Our babies get the best of us each and everyday.

DSC 3444

A lot can happen in a year. 

I know there are so many of you out there hurting. Wondering. Waiting. Praying.

A lot can happen in a year. Don’t give up. Keep fighting the good fight, sweet friends.

A lot can happen in a year. 

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Casey Smith

Wednesday 5th of June 2019

Wow Allison, you've had a really intense year! It's amazing how all of these hurdles and struggles have led you to this amazing business!

"Our babies get the best of us each and everyday." I feel the exact same way about staying home with our son. Every day I get to be the one to tickle him, watch him eat lunch, watch a movie together as he shifts his body over to snuggle closer to me, blow bubbles for him when he asks for help, hold his hand while we take a walk, show him something new and see the wonder and excitement in his eyes.

I'm not going to lie it's a struggle to work from home, I sacrifice my personal time, time with my husband, finances. But, I would not, could not hand our son over to someone else who will get to be with him and experience all of those little things I get with him everyday.

Allison Lancaster

Wednesday 5th of June 2019

Oh, Casey! Thank you SO much for your kind words! Isn't it such a blessing to be home with them? It's also a struggle at times, but so amazing! I'm so glad to know you and so thankful for you!