5 Tips to Stay Sane While Traveling With a Toddler

5 Tips to Stay Sane While Traveling With a Toddler

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Traveling can be stressful without kids, but traveling with a toddler: there should be an entire class on this. From the delicate balance of traveling during nap time but not during meal times to just exactly what snacks are ‘travel friendly’? There are so many questions that parents of toddlers ask before they hit the road and if you are traveling with your little one soon, I’ve put together 5 Tips to help you stay sane while you are traveling with your toddler.

Plan Your Travel Times Carefully. Obviously, this all depends on just how far you are traveling. A one hour road trip to the zoo can be carefully planned so that you are on the road during nap time and your little one arrives refreshed and ready to have fun. A 10 hour road trip takes a little more thought and planning. When I was growing up, my parents always opted to leave for long road trips late at night. Now that I’m a parent, I 100% know how much of a good idea this is. For one, the traffic isn’t usually as bad late at night and secondly, the kids will sleep in the car if you travel overnight.5 Tips to Stay Sane While Traveling With a Toddler

Toddler-Friendly Music. I know, this one can be annoying. We’ve all heard the “Wheels on the Bus” a million times, but taking toddler friendly music on your trip can mean the difference in a meltdown and a fun singalong. I have a few CD’s and play lists that we only use on road trips. These are fun ‘treats’ that Levi loves and saving them for special occasions means he doesn’t get burnt out on them.

Take Breaks Often. Of course, always make sure to find a safe and well-lit place to stop. Taking breaks every hour (unless they are sleeping), helps so much. Let your little one get out, stretch their legs, take a potty break (or change their diaper), grab a snack and get some fresh air. We like to plan out fun places to see when we stop: a new store we haven’t visited, an overlook, a park, etc.

Over prepare. There, I said it. You may not need 10 cereal bars or 35 diapers for your trip, but it’s better to be over prepared. Trust me, you’ll wish you had taken that extra outfit when you are on the side of the road with a soaked toddler. Taking additional essentials with you will relieve so much stress when traveling with a toddler. We always make sure we have easy to eat (and not very messy) snacks, think: small crackers, cereal bars, fruit snacks, etc.; additional diapers, 1-2 extra sets of clothes that are easy to reach (think: don’t have to unpack the entire suitcase to get to these), wipes, toys, water and blankets. We also make sure that we have his medicine within close reach since he does have a peanut allergy. By making sure that we have those essentials close by and not packed away in luggage we save a ton of time and stress.

5 Tips to Stay Sane While Traveling With a Toddler

Keep them Comfy & Safe. I don’t know about you, but when I’m comfortable, I travel a lot better. I’m just a nicer person. The same is true for Levi, which is why we chose the Chicco NextFit iX for his car seat. In my opinion, the car seat is the most important piece of gear that you will purchase for you baby or toddler, so making sure that you choose the correct one is imperative. Not only is the Chicco NextFit iX safe, it’s also easy to install, and provides comfort features that others do not. With 9 heights and 9 reclining positions, the seat accommodates a range of growing children from the newborn stage to preschoolers (trust me, they grow SO fast). I also love that they have made the fabric even softer and the backrest is now breathable for little ones! We have tried other brands of car seats and none of them compare to Chicco, I am truly convinced that a comfortable (and of course safe) car seat is key to a successful road trip with a toddler. Chicco raises the bar again with the NextFix iX and I highly recommend it to all parents.

5 Tips to Stay Sane While Traveling With a Toddler

5 Tips to Stay Sane While Traveling With a Toddler | #TurnAfter2 | Toddler Safety | Car Seat Recommendations


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  1. These are some great tips, we travel with our kid and find most of these tips very helpful for a great and comfortable travel for the kid as well as we parents.

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