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5 Reasons Why All Moms Need a Minivan

This post is sponsored by Toyota. I only work with brands I use and love, thank you for helping me support them. 

I’ve never been one of those people was totally against a minivan. I know people who said for years “I’ll never get a minivan”, then sure enough: they get a minivan! I have never really understood why there is such a stigma attached to minivans. Personally, I have always thought they were practical for people with a wide variety of lifestyles. Recently, I was given the opportunity to test drive a 2017 Toyota Sienna Limited and I am convinced now that all moms need a minivan. Let me tell you why:

The Room, Oh, The Room. –Even though I currently have a pretty large SUV, it’s as if there is never enough room when we travel. Between the car seat and all of the ‘gear’ that it takes to travel as a family, my vehicle is usually ‘stuffed full’. The Sienna has SO much room, there is storage everywhere and so much room. The third row seats flip down or up with the push of a button, offering even more storage if you need it. Let’s face it: kids come with a bunch of stuff, as they get older there will inevitably be friends that come with a bunch of stuff too- minivans just make mom life so much easier.

IMG 6237

It’s just ‘easier’. – Before I was a mom, I had no idea how many times I would hit my head putting our little guy into his car seat. When your little one is almost 2 and still rear facing, maneuvering him into his car seat can be somewhat of an Olympic sport. I didn’t have this issue one time with the Sienna! The automatic sliding doors are perfect when you have your hands full and are carrying a little one, plus the height of the van is perfect for putting your little ones in their car seat. No climbing in and out of the vehicle necessary!

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“The Swagger Wagon”- this is Toyota’s actual slogan for the 2017 Sienna and it fits perfectly. As soon as you hop in the driver’s seat, you are greeted with amazing features such as: XM radio, navigation, dual sun roofs, heated seats, foot rests for the middle passengers, a DVD player for passengers and more. The Sienna truly lives up to the name “Swagger Wagon”!

IMG 6247

It’s Fun! – I drove the Sienna from Tennessee to North Carolina for my birthday weekend which consisted of going to a concert and having a fun weekend with some of my closest friends. Even though we didn’t have any kids in tow, we all LOVED the Sienna. It was comfortable, fun and perfect for a fun adults’ weekend away!

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Room to Grow- Even though we only have one child right now, we plan to have more in the future. There is no way that we could comfortably fit two car seats in my current vehicle and have any more than 2 adults in the car at the same time. We spend a lot of time with family and we usually all ride together, so this would be highly inconvenient for us. The Sienna offers third row seating that is easily accessible and comfortable (my brother and cousin both rode in the third row and said it was comfortable and they had plenty of room!). If your family is like ours and spends a lot of time on the road, a minivan is perfect for you!

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If you are considering upgrading your current vehicle, I highly recommend checking out the Toyota Sienna. It’s one of the most amazing vehicles I have driven! With its style, safety, amazing features and high level of comfort- it’s perfect for moms, dads, or anyone looking for a new vehicle!

5 Reasons Why All Moms Need a Minivan