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5 Must Haves For Toddler Grandparents

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Our little one LOVES his “Grammy and Papaw“. His Papaw may be his favorite though- it’s as if no one else exists when Papaw is in the room. Most weekends, we spend a lot of time at my parents’ house, so I’ve learned over the past few months what things are ‘must haves’ for toddler grandparents. Not only does having some of the ‘essentials’ at my parents’ house make it a little easier on my parents when they graciously watch him so that we can have a night out, it also makes it easier on us so we aren’t packing up the entire house every weekend.

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5 Must Haves for Toddler Grandparents

A Place to Sleep.

This may sound obvious, but it’s a necessity for toddler grandparents or other caregivers. It didn’t make much sense for us to purchase and set up an entire crib for our little one at my parents’ house, but he does need a place to sleep. We have had the Joovy Room since our little guy was a teeny tiny baby and now, at 18 months, he still has plenty of room (no pun intended) for sleeping and playing! In my opinion, it’s the number one “must have” for grandparents!

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Okay, so this is a pretty broad category. However, all parents of toddlers know that toys are a MUST. Not a ton of toys, just a few things for them to play with. We keep a few “staples” at my parents house including: a ball, stuffed animals, a toy truck and a few board books. These are our little guys’ current favorite toys and keeping a small toy box for him at his grandparents’ house not only gives him ‘new’ toys to play with when are visiting, but saves us from having to haul them back and forth each time we visit.

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Cups, Utensils, Snacks, etc.

We keep a small supply of snacks, drinks, sippy cups, utensils, bibs, etc. at my parents’ house. As we moms sometimes do, I tend to forget things and these are at the top of my list. Knowing that my parents have them is a huge relief when we forget to pack them.

First Aid Items

Just this week we found out that our little guy has a peanut allergy, which means we now have to keep a few first aid items with us at all times. I plan to give my parents a supply of antihistamines and his epinephrine, in the event that something horrible would happen- there would be no question of “is it in the diaper bag, or…?”. We will store these items in a specific location at his grandparents’ house, so that we always know where they are. In addition, it’s a good idea to keep a few other first aid items on hand, including: a thermometer, children’s Tylenol, band-aids, diaper rash cream and any other items that you use from time to time for your little one.

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Spare Clothes

Is it just me or do accidents always happen when you DON’T have a spare set of clothes? I know, I should carry a set with me at all times. I don’t. I’m forgetful (see above) and I just don’t think about it. OR when I do carry them and then finally need them, they’re 2 sizes too small. Leaving a spare set or two of clothes and PJ’s at grandma and grandpa’s house prevents any issues that forgetful moms cause!


5 Must Haves for Toddler Grandparents


Friday 21st of July 2017

As my wife and I are both working, our little ones are with my in laws for the most of the time while we are working. Great ideas for us. Thank you for sharing!