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3 Ways We Saved Money in October

Phew…October was a busy month for us! It was one of those months that you look back on and go “it’s already over?”. While I love October, I am glad that it is November…one of my favorite months of the year. We are going into the holiday season and for many that means most of us will spend more money in the next few months than we do any other time of the year. We saved a bit in October and it will go to help offset some of the expenses over the next few months.

3 Ways We Saved Money in October:

We started Christmas shopping. This may seem like an odd way to save money, but it is. Now is the time to start making lists and watching for sales. Saving a little bit each week towards Christmas gifts helps to keep the holidays from being too overwhelming. I’ve even started a few holiday gift guides to help you with your early shopping!

We saved money on our energy bill. A few weeks ago I shared with you 4 Money Saving Tips to Lower Your Energy Bill. We are certainly implementing these in our house, especially keeping a close eye on our thermostat and adjusting accordingly.






Woman adjusting thermostat

We Implemented ‘No Spend’ Days. Let’s face it, we all know that it’s easy to spend $4 or $5 here or there when you have a debit card to ‘swipe’. Well…that adds up! We found that my hubby (sorry, honey) was spending around $40 a week at gas stations, fast food restaurants, etc. while he was at work. We’ve implemented a few days a week that are ‘no spend’ days and it has helped us to really think about where we are spending ‘just a few dollars’.

How did you save money in October?3 Ways We Saved Money Last Month