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3 Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy This Fall

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School is back in session! It’s crazy how fast this summer flew by. Even though Levi isn’t school aged yet, I have been thinking a lot lately about back to school and all of the germs that come with that. It seems like every year this time, people start getting sick and it of course continues through the fall and winter. While our little guy doesn’t attend school, he is around other children at church and when we are out in public. My hubby also works around a lot of people, so he’s exposed to those germs as well. This year, I’m focusing on 3 things to keep our family healthy this fall. 

Wash, wash, wash. Hand washing should be a no brainer, but we all know that most school aged kids, especially younger ones, are focused on other things and don’t think twice before spreading germs. Even though Levi is not even two yet, he understands the concept of washing/sanitizing his hands. He rubs them together when I put soap or sanitizer on them, which makes me feel like he at least understands the concept a bit! My family jokes about me being the germ police and asking people to wash their hands, but it really has worked and kept us from getting sick!

Be attentive. Things that work for our family may not work for yours. For example, my hubby takes his shoes off before he comes upstairs. The same goes for myself and Levi. With a toddler that is constantly crawling around in the floor and putting the toys that were on the floor in his mouth, we’ve found this helps to prevent the spread of germs in our house. If you have older kids, this may not be an issue for you. If we are out in a store and someone touches a shirt before I do has just sneezed and then touched the shirt (seriously, it happens), I try to wash my hands after touching the shirt. It may seem like ‘overkill’, but it really does work. Simply being attentive is so helpful in keeping your family healthy!

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Clean school/work items frequently. If you knew how many germs things such as lunch boxes and back packs carried you would be disgusted. And to think we are packing our loved ones’ food in these items! I make it a point at least once a week to thoroughly clean my hubby’s lunch box with our e-Cloth General Purpose cloth. It’s also a great idea to wipe down items such as water bottles, etc. before putting them in your lunch box. Think about all of the germs they have on them from people handling them before they make their way to you. The e-cloth General Purpose Cloth is perfect for this, it removes over 99% of bacteria by using just water, so you don’t have to worry about exposing your loved ones to any harsh chemicals! For more information on cleaning your lunch boxes, you can view e-cloth’s amazing lunchbox cleaning printable here.

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3 Ways to Keep your Family Healthy This Fall