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Non Toxic Floor Cleaner: 3 Tips To Keep Your Floors Clean With Kids At Home

Cleaning with a non toxic floor cleaner is really important when you have young kids at home! Keep on reading to find out my 3 tips to clean your floor naturally!

Non toxic floor cleaner is a game changer for cleaning when you have kids and pets.

What if I told you that the piney goodness you clean your floors with is hurting your family. If you use a cleaning solution or bleach wipe to disinfect and de-sticky your floors then your little ones are most likely ingesting toxic chemicals.

Over 90% of accidental chemical ingestion happens in the home. This was reason enough to get me to change my ways.

Mother and child sitting on a clean safe floor from non toxic floor cleaner

Until recently, I never in a million years thought there was any other way to get a clean house. Our 18-month-old constantly touches our floors, plays on them, constantly has his hands in his mouth, and yes…he’s even eaten a few crumbs off of them (mom of the year award right here). That means he’s ingesting everything I use to clean. YIKES!

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On top of that, with two dogs and a husband who runs heavy equipment at his job, I can’t even imagine the the germs that are on our floors.

The thought of Levi playing with toys off of the floor or even drinking out of a sippy cup that gets dropped used to make me sick to my stomach. How would I protect him from all of those nasty germs without using harsh chemicals that were possibly worse than the germs? 

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3 Tips for using non toxic floor cleaner with kids:

Dust Your Floors

Yep, I said dust your floors. I know, it sounds weird. I used to sweep them a lot, but really- you can’t clean a broom. It just pushes the dirt and germs around, only giving you the illusion of a clean floor.

The Swiffer Sweeping Kit is a great alternative to the traditional broom and is my best friend for keeping the dog fur at bay. You can buy unscented replacements which are great for minimizing chemical use on the floors in your home

I run this non toxic floor cleaner through our house at least once a day and it has kept our floors so much cleaner! You can even use it to remove cobwebs from your ceilings!

Little girl holding onto a man's leg as he uses a non toxic floor cleaner

Mop at Least 2 times a Week

I am not going to lie, I used to dread mopping. Almost as much as I dreaded dusting. Drag a bucket and mop out, push dirty water around, let your floors dry…it was an endless cycle and our floors never really felt clean.

Now there are so many more sanitary options out there. One suggestion is to use the Vileda Spray Mop.

This has a removable microfibre pad that’s machine washable after you’re done washing your floors. Then you can use the natural floor cleaner of your choice in the spray bottle.

A great mixture you can use is simply white vinegar and hot water. It may smell a bit strong as you’re washing, but it the scent will disappear quickly and it’s actually a great cleaner and deodorizer for the home! Plus as a bonus, it doesn’t leave any streaks!

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Teach Your Toddler To Help

Levi is still a bit too small to mop our floors, but he likes to help by pushing his “popper” toy across the floor while I am mopping. I encourage him to help pick up his toys and to pick up things out of the floor if he drops them.

A boy helping to clean the house

Now that he’s starting to mimic my behavior when I am cleaning lets me know that he is learning to help. Of course I won’t make him mop our floors anytime soon, but teaching your little ones to keep the floor picked up goes a long way in helping to keep your home cleaner.

What cleaning tips do you have for toddler moms?

3 Tips to Keep Your Floors Clean With Kids at Home AD

Elizabeth Aguilera

Tuesday 23rd of October 2018

I totally agree with this post. Mostly, cleaning products that we use really matter. Can you suggest any reliable product that is very good in cleaning granite tiles?


Monday 5th of February 2018

I love dusting my floors! And it makes SO much more sense. When you compare it to a broom.. oh my gosh... it's near impossible to sweep the average 2500 sq ft (a guess!) 2 story home numerous times a day!! But with the dry duster I keep it within reach at all times. Before I get into bed (I have 2 dogs who sleep in my room and all white bedding including a floor length bed skirt!) I simply dust my floor & under my bed skirt so it stays nice and white and DOG HAIR free! I used to use a Swifter and now laugh at the thought! It was as useful as a sponge. Just pushing around bacteria. BTW have you tried the yellow "washing up pad" by e-cloth? It's a sponge that removes 99% of bacteria, has a scrubby side AND you can toss it in your washing machine. Regular sponges have been proven to contain more germs and bacteria then your TOILET! This and this alone prompted me to get the E-cloth sponge the "washing up pad." (I am just a huge fan I am not given free items nor do I work for them!) Thanks for these awesome tips!!

inhome care

Monday 10th of July 2017

Thank you for giving us your very useful tips how to clean our floor. These makes my life easier. :D


Friday 7th of July 2017

I love that my toddler is now at the age where he's able to help out and even gets excited to help! I know he would love to help me mop the floors!

Allison Lancaster

Friday 7th of July 2017

Mine does too! It's so fun to see them get excited over the "little things"


Thursday 6th of July 2017

I love this! I have been using the Swiffer Wet Jet but would love something that didn't use harsh chemicals, this could be an awesome solution!