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3 Things My Mom Taught Me

Mother’s Day is Sunday! This is my first Mother’s Day as well, a mother. While I am so very excited to spend the day with my sweet little one, I always love spending Mother’s Day with my mom. My mom is truly my best friend~and seeing her with my little one has put an entire new perspective on life and our relationship. When I began writing this post, I thought of a million things my mom has taught me…she is my biggest fan, my greatest teacher and my best friend. I understand that not everyone is blessed to have a wonderful mom, which makes me even more thankful for mine. I hope to pass along these lessons to my children.

I am excited to share with ya’ll just three of the many things that my mom has taught me. 

  1. To Be a ChristianI can rarely remember a Sunday that we weren’t in church, and my parents both worked very hard so that my brother and I could attend a Christian school. Not that anything is wrong with public school, but my parents felt that it was best that my brother and I attended a Christian school. Along with doing her best to ensure that we were surrounded by good influences, my mom lived her testimony. She lives her life in a way that those around her know she is a Christian. She not only speaks her testimony with her mouth, but also her actions. For that, I am so thankful.3 Things My Mom Taught Me
  2. To Be a Wife and MomI can never remember my parents yelling at each other. While I am sure there are times it happened, my parents always ensured that it happened behind closed doors. Sometimes, if I am a little too snippy ~ my husband will even say “where did you learn that? Because I know your mom doesn’t act like that!”. That says alot! Other people see her actions toward my dad and our family, and they speak of her as being a good  wife & mom. My mom cooked dinner most nights and took care of my brother and I while my dad worked double shifts, late shifts and traveled at times. Not to say that my dad didn’t help, but my mom always ensured her family was taken care of. Along with taking care of the ‘daily necessities’, my mom spent time with us. She talked to us, she took us places and she was always there, no matter what happened, what we did or didn’t do~she was, and still is, always there. Being a wife and mom myself now, I have an entirely new respect for her now. I understand a little bit better the sacrifices she made (and still does) for her family.  I trust her advice for marriage and mommyhood…she gets it, she knows how hard it can be some days. She loves my husband like he is her son, she loves my son with a “grandma bear” love, she always has loved our friends like they are her own. She loves with a fierce love and a ‘momma love’. 
  3. To Be a Friend…My mom was always our parent first, friend second. She always made sure that we were taken care of, disciplined (if necessary~some of us more than others, ahem…me!) and understood that we were to respect her. Now that I am older though, my mom is my best friend. We travel together, have girls days and e-mail/text/talk multiple times a day. I trust my mom with anything…poopy diaper colors, nail designs, marriage advice, life advice, anything…my mom is my best friend and confidant. We have some of the most fun times together, we have traveled to Vegas together (yes, what happens –there stays there!), made multiple beach trips together, shop together (probably too much!), get pedicures together, change diapers together, cook together…and we have so much fun together. My mom has taught me what true friendship is.

What has your mom taught you? What lessons do you hope to teach your kids? 

My Mom & I with my little one

My Mom & I with my little one


Tuesday 17th of January 2017

Sounds like your mother is such an awesome role model for you and taught you endless things about life. Thank you for sharing this really inspirational relationship!

Mardene Carr

Wednesday 11th of May 2016

I am not going to even start to talk about the things my mum taught me. I am still trying to recover from mother's' day without her so I will quickly move along

Jolleen Ruiz

Wednesday 11th of May 2016

Aww. What a sweet post. Happy first Mother's Day to you! That's a special one :)

Jay Simms

Monday 9th of May 2016

My mother taught me to always be nice, even if the person is being mean. You never know how that person's day has gone or what has caused them to be in a bad mood.

Rachel Mouton

Sunday 8th of May 2016

All three of these things are so important. I'm happy you had someone to guide you through them <3