1. I love sending Christmas cards almost as much as I love receiving all of them. I love to put family photos of our adventures through the year on them. Those are my favorite cards to get…ones that show the family living and loving life together. I much prefer those cards to posed studio photography

  2. Sadly, sending Christmas cards seems to be going by the wayside. Why not though when it would be so easy to do? It’s such a nice touch at the holidays.

  3. Lesley Carter

    This is the first year that we decided to send Christmas cards. I love it and it’s a great way to celebrate being a family while thinking about others.

  4. Jill

    I have not sent a Christmas card in years, it’s kinda a lost art these days. I do however take the kids to have Christmas photos made and we give those along with gifts.

  5. Reesa Lewandowski

    I send cards every single year. I will be sad when my kids are grown and I can’t send their cute pictures anymore! Love what Minted offers!

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