4 Step DIY Coffee Can Plastic Bag Holder

Do you have a million plastic grocery bags floating around? I know I do. Since having our little one, I have found that they do come in handy. I use them for anything from packing a quick lunch, to keeping them in the diaper bag for dirty diapers and wet clothes. After we started keeping these … [Read more…]

Saving Money on Prescriptions With SearchRx

This post was brought to you in partnership with SearchRx.  You all know how hard we work to save money in our house. We are constantly trying to find new ways to save money and spend less. One topic I haven’t discussed before is how we save money on prescription medicines. I am a chronic … [Read more…]

Black Friday Deals 2016

This post contains affiliate links. These links allow me to receive a small commission from things you purchase, thank you for supporting my blog! Ah, Black Friday! You either love it or you hate it. Me, I love it. It has been a tradition for several years that our entire family goes out shopping on Black Friday. … [Read more…]