1. My baby’s sleep patterns were a long time ago! 23 and 30 years! I think having a pattern and sticking to is is the best. We had bedtimes for our children clear through high school — although times changed with age. Everyone always commented how happy the girls were and I contribute that to having firm bedtimes. Your little one is so adorable in his sleeper.
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  2. i love your routine, i have a 5 month old, we sort of have a routine but nothing as detailed as yours lol. i will try implementing the bed time stories. She never seems interested when i read to her during the day

  3. This brings back sweet memories – figuring out each new baby. Apparently I’ve already earned myself some rose-colored glasses. 🙂 I craved routine after each new child as well and, I promise, it always comes eventually! Wishing you the best with that sweet baby!
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  4. Oh nice, I didn’t know they had muslin sleepers! I just tuck our baby in muslin blankets but almost always she breaks loose and gets cold! I will check this one out. Our baby is not sleeping through the night at all, not even close, and she is 7 months old. I’ve read so many sleep training books and just gave up. I’m glad you found something that worked for you!
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